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tv   House Democrats on Financial Relief for Federal Employees  CSPAN  January 18, 2019 4:49am-5:24am EST

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barr. be sure to watch washington journal live at 7:00 eastern this morning. join the discussion. >> live friday from the city then networks, the annual "march for life" at noon eastern on c-span. . at 9 a.m. on c-span2, the group a meeting on their campaign for abortion access. and at 10 a.m., a debate on reopening the government. on c-span3, a discussion on u.s. troop withdrawals from syria. at 1 p.m., libertarian group hosts an all-day event. on thursday, the 27th day of the partial government shutdown, house democrats held a financial relief appeal for federal employees. this is 30 minutes. [chatter]
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>> great. >> good morning. thank you all for coming. my name is tj cox from california 21st congressional district. i'd like to thank the members of the freshman class that are here we are elected to do something for the american people and that is what we are doing today. i want to thank everyone from the california delegation who was unanimously supported and cosponsor the bill. this is the first bill i've introduced is a member of congress safe to say this is not the first bill that i wanted to introduce. because of the continued shutdown in mr. mcconnell's refusal to do his job 800,000 workers were suffering and they are going without pay and without the ability to pay their bills, mortgages and that is on excusable. as new freshman class in the new
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democratic majority we are committed to anyways to get our work is the work they need. just last week the senate and house passed a bipartisan bill which was signed into law last night which guaranteed backpay to those federal workers who are working without pay due to a furlough. this was an important first step but not enough. right now i have farmworkers in my district unable to get the funding they need to get their arms open and i have 250 federal prisoner workers in -- were putting their lives online and you don't know when they will see their next paycheck in california we have thousands of border agents and secret service agents who are working without pay and this is a shutdown, keep in mind, that the president says is all about national security. our bill, the immediate initial relief for federal work act struck the u.s. treasury to override zero interest loans to
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the 800,000 federal workers were furloughed or otherwise working without pay during the shutdown. these loans would accrue no interest and have no fees and would not require credit check in the amount credited to the employee would be paid back when the government reopens. these loans would be authorized even in the event of a treasury shutdown. this is not a pie-in-the-sky legislation but this is a logical next step to legislation that is already been passed. we've already signed into law that these workers we are all beginning to be them. >> we often hear my colleagues from the other side of the aisle that they wish government would work more like a business and here is their chance. this would provide immediate financial relief for our workers so they can pay their bills right now. they don't have to go out and
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get an extension on the mortgage or ask their creditors from any relief that this provides immediate relief they need right now. number of cosponsors here and someone to talk you more about this bill is my good friend, neighbor in california -- i want to thank charisma cox for the introduction of this legislation and the new members here who are all cosponsors of this legislation and really at terrific representation of members newly elected members from across our country that brought tremendous spirit of can do to the congress. new energy and new vitality and it is unfortunate though that my good friend, congressman cox, his first bill has to be for the immediate financial relief for federal employees.
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it's unfortunate because we should not shutting down government and there is never a justification to shut down government. in the 14 years i've been here i've never voted to shut down government and it is irresponsible. it is irresponsible and makes us look like a third world country. this is the beacon of light and democracy around the world and we need to have a budget. everyone has a budget. families have a budget. our nation needs a budget. for the president to manufacture this crisis for his political purpose for his for a while is inappropriate. and harmful and the need for legislation and other bills the best is 69 cosponsors sign i know that member sooner than later we have an agreement to
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reopen government and we can get back to doing business of the american people and that is working and reducing the cost of respect prescription drugs and healthcare focusing on comprehensive bipartisan on transportation and water and those are the things in this bill is important because the majority of american the majority of federal employees that have been impacted been hard hit in these families live paycheck to paycheck and they have car payments and they have home payments and they've got a figure out how they make do and how they make their and meet for their families. over 800,000 across country and it's just not those who work on behalf of the federal government but those who have been required deemed necessary and federal prisons and border patrol stations are now working along
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with our tsa agents and others without a paycheck. you are expected to go to work but, you know, they will not give you a paycheck. that is just wrong. it is just wrong. i am proud to be one of the original cosponsors of the immediate finance relief for federal employees and i hope sooner than later mitch mcconnell and the senate will explain to the president that he is not winning and and more portly and our country is not winning when you shut down the government is impacting our economy and now his own white house is talking about the potential impacts on our economy. for all the right reasons this legislation make sense and i hope we connect on it very soon and congressman cox along with this incredible freshman class
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we have here and look forward to then working on the other issues that people send us here to do and focusing on healthcare and infrastructure and the things we can do on a bipartisan basis. that will get the president -- if you are asking or listening, help us reopen government. we've been voting on that every day, thank you. >> next up will be -- from maryland was a district that has a substantial number of federal workers and as a private employer in one of our nation's most successful businesses to tell you what he thanks about loans to the employees. >> first of all, i want to thank charisma cox for this well thought out and much-needed bill and there's no question that this bill should pass and pass strongly and be bipartisan. over 25% of the freshmen class except 25% of the congress right now.
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we are all together on this we need to help people. maryland has 24000 folks that are out of work or working without pay or jails in our airports and our security throughout maryland and throughout the country is at risk. most importantly, it is people. it's a lack of leadership that we have in the white house. the trump shutdown does not understand what they have done to families. speaker pelosi said not everyone has a dad to give $400 million when times are tough and not everyone has a dad that buys a million dollars casino chips when your computer is going under. i grew up on a farm in pennsylvania and my farm went bankrupt and started from zero. as the ceo i worked in 23 states now with over 7000 team members and i understand business a lot
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better than president trump quite quickly. and we never stiffed our workers we understand the most valuable asset of any business is your people. for president trump doing right now is devaluing his people and not respecting his people and ask him to work without pay? outrageous. we have problems like hurricanes in florida and hurricanes in houston, texas and we step up automatically and said anyone needs help we have no interest loans available. we made those loans immediately because it's the right thing to do because is putting your people first but as the leader of our country he's not putting our people first. president trump, we need to and the shut down and think about our people and and treat them with respect and the dignity
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they deserve. but all support punishment cox's bill and let's get this done. thank you. >> next up -- from pennsylvania. one of our senior -- [inaudible] spirit i'm susan wilde from pennsylvania seven and i want to thank cox for his leadership and all of you for the opportunity to speak with you here today. house of representatives is wanted again going to take up legislation reopen our government and end of the longest shutdown in ministry while the senate failed to act since the political crisis came down again i've heard from constituents want their elected leaders to live up there
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responsibly heard from conquered families and dedicated workers for victims of abuse who have programs receive federal report and you don't understand are failing to care for the most vulnerable members of our society. these constituents have all asked me clear message back to washington and to understand right now and get to work conducting the people's business on the many challenges we face as a country. the bill the representative got has been introduced would provide federal workers with the immediate relief they need is the weather this partisan fight. keep in mind, this is the bill he is for both giving workers access to funds which he will let you at 0% interest. there is no reason this credit card bill mortgage bills ago
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made and they occur late fees and interest through no fault of their own. this is something over which they have no control but it's taken over their lives and their families life. both chambers must fast the bill as soon as possible. also want to take the opportunity to remind everyone that earlier this week coaster members missed their first full paychecks because of inaction in the senate and white house. this is the first time in our nation's history that an entire branch of our military has gone without pay during the shutdown and it's a shameful precedent to set. that is why i introduced a bill, the first one i've introduced it was not the first one i wanted to introduce but the first one i introduced would fund the coast guard through the shutdown. no matter what the political optics are we should all be able to agree that our commitment to servicemen and women and their families is unbreakable.
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washington should honor the values of the camaraderie and sacrifice they live by every day, not a trait that i spent while the shutdown is supposed to be about border security the coast guard and the branch of our military responsible for securing our border and port is not getting funded but only underscores how absurd this political circus in washington really is. we need to get this government reopened and need to stop the shutdown and the senate needs to act on the many efforts that the house has made to reopen the government and the votes we've taken and i hope this will happen soon. sooner rather than later. thank you. >> next, a member who's been here for seven terms and been through a number of shutdowns and he can speak to those effects and how this needs to end once and for all. >> thinking. i want to thank and congratulate a colleague for approving this
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legislation the most important thing we can do is get this country running to make our airports save and to make our social security checks. since we don't have a partner in the white house is willing to work with us instead prefers to throw temper tantrums then we are forced to look out for the people who work for this country. that is what this legislation does. these are real people with real families and real needs and they need to work for us and depend on us and it's up to us to look out for them to make sure we have a functional government and that's what this bill does and i'm supportive of this legislation and i want to see 435 members cosponsor this legislation and make the senate we don't have what is thank you,
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jerry. from the great state of nevada representing marcus [inaudible] >> thank you, tj. thank you for taking up this important piece of legislation and i'm proud to be leading cosponsor of this as well. this is about taking care of people. 800,000 federal workers whether they're working without pay or being preload they are being forced to make impossible financial decisions every day whether it's paying the rent for their mortgages and putting food on the table or even delaying the critical of your decision. and not all of them are eligible for an appointment benefits. just last week i was back in nevada and talked with several employees in my district, tsa, air traffic controllers and parsers in place and they are
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not force they been sent forced to sign up for present at the age of 51 but there being forced to borrow against their retirement or their children's education savings fund. in borrowing has cost. these workers should not be responsible for the additional cost of this unnecessary shutdown. that is why i'm supporting this bill and provide immediate relief financially and not after the shutdown ends but immediately. to meet their financial operations right now. it applies to and hopefully we won't this is not a way to run the greatest country on earth. this is a common sense measure and common sense business practice and we have often heard it said that the federal
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government should operate more like a business and this bill does just that. it's not enough to ensure back pay for the 800,000 federal employees with no sign that the president or senate republicans are planning to end this unnecessary shutdown. we unfortunately need to address this crisis right now. these families can pay their bills with mcconnell and the president refusing to do their job and end the shutdown this legislation is needed more than ever. thank you. >> non- >> i am more than honored to support my colleague representative talks on so many tremendous effort to restore to restore decency because
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specifically the workers that are hurting. the government should truly keep a safe because present from said shutdown and i beg to differ. in fact, he's made us less safe by putting the coast guard, border control, border patrol agents and tsa agents and food safety inspectors completely at risk by putting them out of work and its impact in the economic on 800,000 they have been displaced and december 2018 over 100400000 workers do not receive a check and that paid me greatly and this is immoral and this is
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not democracy and this is not the american way. the spell by representative talks will help provide relief to families being held hostage. by providing temporary financial assistance in the form of a 0% load to help them make it through a complete unnecessary family hardship. and because of this one workers are being forced to live each and every way this is wrong. i knew painfully well what is at stake get in the way of governing. the shutdown represents the worst of washington politics. the senate is now refusing to even consider the same government funding bill that it wrote and approved by by the end
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of last year. and their mothers in my district and their delaying their visit to the doctor because they don't the fellow workers in my district must be put back to work and they need to be paid. in the meantime we must provide immediate financial relief to these families and this bill ensures that federal employees can meet their financial obligations right now. this is not pie in the sky legislation. this is a common sense measure and it's a common sense business practice across the country. we have often heard it said that the federal government should operate more like a business and this bill does not do that. this bill gives people the
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opportunity to live that sense of democracy and i'm more than excited and happy to sponsor such an amazing piece of legislation that does right by the american people. >> thank you. from the great city mission remember when gm needed extra cash they were in a tough time so so on wall street needed a bailout that government was there for them. when other companies needed their assistance it's time for the government to step up for the hard-working families of our nation. >> thank you so much for your leadership. my name is -- and i'm proud representative for the state congressional district in michigan. this would help over 5000 workers in the state of michigan and many people don't fully understand the home and human
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toll and increasing every single day. pawning off personal property and quitting and tsa officers are quitting in michigan. so many have just unprecedented hold of their only source of income and right now they need our help in to understand the true meaning of not to be getting paid to provide for family and the bills in the red and utility bills and that there is no they i cannot imagine knowing how they can help their family. thank you for the leadership of the colleagues here proposing this bill to help our families today. so many gamers to get the american people a voice and voted for people who take the heart and we do on the importance of caring about
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everyday people and they need to provide for the families and have equal access for a good quality of life. the house voted not once, not twice, three times to reopen government but senator mcconnell has yet to one vote on any bill and he can offer amendments or his own proposal and instead he does absolutely nothing and needs to legislate not hide from us. i'm asking as they continue the terrible fight of back-and-forth and i need us to be able to put people first. today the us coast guard is on the great lakes breaking up i.c.e. where the ships can get through and they just saved a person's life this month and again with no pay and let's honor them let's honor the service they provide our country and support them a bill like this so again they are not how dodges to this awful very much
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partisan fight between the two chambers. the right thing to do as you all know is to provide for families and i think so much in leadership to provide the $6000 will provide and help our families in a temperate basis. again, i'm very proud to be the cosponsor of this important bill. thank you so much for the leadership of congressman cox. >> very happy to serve with congressman from colorado who is a veteran and army veteran and he can speak to you how the shutdown will affect the better infinity. >> you, tj cox for your
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leadership on this important legislation and to my colleagues standing here for meeting on this issue. i was not sent washington to play political games. my constituents sent me to get things done. the last two weeks after he worked to get that through passing bill after bill to reopen government and get our federal workforce working again and start getting things done and i call on mitch mcconnell to bring these bills to the floor for a vote. he owes it to the right people and we owe it to let them know where they stand on this legislation and not consent to the back and wait for them to act. people are suffering but you are their stories. they demand action and we had a they broke down in tears to me without impacting their families. one out of every five federal workers and district are
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veterans. the shutdown is having a disproportionate impact on the nation veterans and federal workforce. ... and our veterans. but what's more it's time to open the government back up. thank you. >> thank you for coming. we are available for questions. i want to know what you think about the fact it seems like the administration is already
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calling for federal workers and it seems they are expanding the definition of who can work during the shutdown and if this is something you are concerned about the legality. >> it is a illegal and tha illes what we are saying today you can't have people work and not pay them. if david did that he would be in jail. you can't force people to work and this is a violation of what the administration is doing. violation of the fair labor standards act. it is a violation but this is an administration that continuously fights the law. >> branching off of that, do you have any specific concerns not talking about the people the whole time is being recalled to certain places?
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>> across-the-board they are being recalled but they are not getting paid that the issue. people are being forced to work without pay and what this bill does is just giving them the money they are already owed. the president signed off yesterday that said yes we will make good on the back page. if we owe workers this money they needed today and that is what this bill does. >> a legal question where are they being placed to you think it stretches the definition of the anti-deficiency act -- are you worried about these recalls? >> you are absolutely right there are substantive legal issues that people trying to make mortgage payments and to buy medicine, they don't care about legal issues they care about being able to pay their bills, about having cash in their bank and we owe it to both
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houses that have agreed this is an obligation that is owed to them and this bill puts that money in their pockets today. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> yesterday, the house passed a measure by voice vote that would have funded the government through february 28. that vote was later vacated and rescheduled for next week after republicans said they request for a recorded vote was not recognized. president sent a note to house speaker nancy pelosi yesterday hertio saying he had canceled military transport to brussels, egypt, and afghanistan. this comes a day after speaker pelosi asked the president to reschedule his state of the union address or submit it in writing if the government shutdown were to continue. c-span's "washington
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journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, a discussion of the planned pullout of u.s. troops from syria and this week's suicide bombing with steph jones. maryland republican when congressman annie williams talks about the government shutdown and border security. in review of this week's confirmation hearing for attorney general nominee william barr. live "washington journal" at 7:00 this morning. >> live friday on the c-span networks, the annual march for life starts at noon on c-span. at 9:00 a.m. come on c-span2, a briefing on a new nationwide campaign for abortion access. the senate returns at 10:00 a.m. for more discussion on reopening the federal government.
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at 10:30, and discussion of u.s. troop withdrawal from syria. at 1:00 a.m., students for liberty, a libertarian group hosts and all day event. the c-span cities to her, exploring the american experience. saturday at noon eastern on book tv, we will explore the roots of independence and why it served as the starting point for america's great westward trails. >> downtown was the place to the. we had several blacksmith shops, horses,places to get general stores, flour, baking, anything you needed to go west, we had it here. >> sunday on american history tv, a tour of president truman's
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historic sites, including his home and library. noon on booky at on americany history tv. on thursday, the house approved a bill seeking to maintain sanctions against three russian companies. the senate considered a similar measure and failed to pass the resolution. this debate is 35 minutes. recognizes the gentleman from new york. mr. engel: thank you, i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days in which to relt rhett their remarks and include extraneous material on h.j.res. 30, disapproving the president's proposal on certain sanctions on the russian federation under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mrge


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